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LSAT/Application Resources

Reddit/Online Forums:


An online message board for prospective law students. Generally used to post admissions results/updates, and to source advice or information. Look out for Q&As offered by law school admissions offices, or by consulting firms. They may provide helpful tips.


An online message board for current law students and lawyers. Browse this subreddit for information on the realities of law school. Each week, they dedicate a day for questions from incoming law students, which can be especially helpful.


Top Law Schools (TLS) is an online message board governing all things law school (admissions and beyond). A bit outdated, and a less familiar interface than Reddit, but still contains helpful tidbits of information.

LSAT (Free & paid options available, study plans, practice problems, etc). :


Magoosh is an online test prep resource offering both paid and free options for LSAT takers.


7sage is an online test prep resource offering both paid and free options for LSAT takers.

Tuition/Cost of Living Estimates AND Jobs Outcomes:


Law School Transparency offers helpful information regarding cost of attendance and employment outcomes. Go to LST Reports, and compare by school! Information is up-to-date regarding most recent job outcomes, costs of attendance, etc.

Additional Info (509 Reports):

American Bar Association (ABA) reports offer helpful information regarding class sizes, GPA/LSAT statistics for each school (including avg. accepted stats for transfer students) attrition, and diversity.

Admissions/Scholarship Outcomes:

MYLSN and Law School Numbers (LSN) provide data on admissions outcomes, uploaded voluntarily by law school applicants. They should serve as general guideposts for applicants to get a sense of their chances at admission/waitlist/rejection, and of potential scholarship offers. 

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